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Energy Panic

Are you tired of the same old “Match-3” puzzle games? 

We proudly introduce you a totally new puzzle game with a unique gameplay!


“Energy Panic” is a brand-new and original drag n drop puzzle game with stunning graphics and effects. Your mission is to manage energy units to meet the energy demands.


The rules are simple. There are two types of units, Energy unit and Demand unit. When a player connects the required number, or more, of the Energy units to a Demand unit (a numbered unit) of the same color, all the units will be destroyed. A player can combine four Energy units of the same color to create a Fusion Energy unit. This unit can destroy all the units around it when it comes in contact with any Demand unit of the same color. A player can also collect and use an Energy Blast to destroy units of a particular color on the board.


More than 50 Achievements with in-game credits reward to be unlocked. A player can use in-game credits to upgrade Energy Blast and unlock special powers

Game Features

  • New and Original Gameplay
  • Fast-paced Puzzle Game
  • Simple but Highly Strategic Gameplay
  • Fantastic Graphics and Effects
  • Touch Control
  • Multiple Upgrades and Extras
  • Game Center



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  • iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPod Touch (5th Gen)
  • iPad (2rd Gen), iPad (3rd Gen), iPad (4th Gen), iPad Mini (1st Gen), iPad Air, iPad Mini (2nd Gen)
  • Tested with iOS 6 - iOS 7.1


     * This game does not support iPad (1st Gen), iPod Touch (4th Gen).

     * Best performance on iPhone4 and iPod Touch (5th Gen) is not guaranteed.

     * Deleting the game from your device will permanently erase all your saved data

       (credits, achievements and all records). 


Game Trailer



Screenshots (Click to Enlarge)

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